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Region X Telecon Notes & Monthly Update | December 2020

A Message from Our Region X RVP, Brad Davidson

Hello Region X Brothers and Sisters –
Brothers and Sisters – 

 By now, you all know that my monthly messages tend to get a bit long, so I am going to keep December’s message short.

 Please take care of yourselves over the holidays, take the surging COVID-19 pandemic seriously, and look forward to what will undoubtedly be a brighter 2021 as the world begins to truly tackle this crisis with the emergence, approval, and distribution of the vaccines.  

 Happy Holidays.

And for January, I will be back with a very lengthy message for our focus areas for 2021 and beyond.



NATCA Region X Contact Information
Region X National Leadership

Brad Davidson     Regional VP                   [email protected]
Bob Aitken           ARVP                                   [email protected]
Curt Howe           ARVP                                    [email protected]
Gwendolyn Kimbrough   AFN                          [email protected]
Felicia Reeves    Airports                                 [email protected]
Patrick Massie    Aircraft Certification   [email protected]
Pam Rusk           Information Technology           [email protected]
Stacie Wooten    Drug Abatement    [email protected]


Region X National Committee Representatives

Don Schmeichel  –  Safety            [email protected]
Della Swartz  –  Safety                   [email protected]
Mike Martin  –  Constitution                  [email protected]
Don Smith  – Organizing                    [email protected]
Jefferson MacDonald – Organizing
                                                 [email protected]
Homer Benavides  – OSHA    [email protected]
Quang Nguyen  –  Benefits         [email protected]
Jason Holland – Legislative          [email protected]
Dawn Forde – Legislative                  [email protected]
Ricky Hidalgo – Drug & Alcohol  [email protected]
Corey Glaze – Pay Team             [email protected] 
Ed Szczuka  –  CF & On-boarding       [email protected]
Pam Rusk – Regional Communications    [email protected]
Molly Fierro  – Finance                     [email protected]
Thom Twitchell – OWCP                    [email protected]
Vacant  –  Reloaded

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