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Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Committee


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Background: The NATCA OSHA Committee endeavors to assist NATCA representatives and members to identify,understand, prevent, and seek remedy for occupational safety and health (OSH) issues. The committee is comprised of a NATCA OSHA representative from every region. Each OSHA representative works with their service area-level management counterpart in the FAA’s Environmental Occupational Safety and Health (EOSH) Services group and represents NATCA on their respective Regional Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Compliance Committees (OSHECCOM). Additionally, the committee Chairperson collaborates with the EOSH Services Group manager at FAA Headquarters, represents NATCA on the National OSHECCOM, and works with NATCA’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) to address indoor air quality (IAQ), water quality, and other issues.  

Chair Update 

Karena Marinas (ZLA) is the Chairperson of NATCA’s OSHA Committee.    

Hello NATCA Family!  

In the past month, we have continued work on developing new and relevant content for our virtual training modules. We appreciate that we continue to see great turnouts for our virtual trainings and want to continue to meet your efforts with useful, updated information.  

Our April OSHA topic is Construction Meetings. We have many things to cover in our CBAs and FAA policies pertaining to construction. Look forward to some new information on our Facebook page, regional listservs and even a new virtual training on this subject!  

Additionally, we have seen the rollout of NATCA’s MOU with the FAA regarding Ecomp. This program is better explained by our NATCA OWCP representatives, but for OSHA’s purposes, we do want everyone to know that you will be asked to file an OSHA form 301 when filing a claim through Ecomp. All this does is fulfill the FAA’s responsibility to report certain injuries to Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The form incorporated into the Ecomp system, so all you will have to do is answer the simple questions provided.   

Meanwhile, work on the National OSHECCOM has continued. As the current chairperson of the OSHECCOM, I met with my ATO management counterpart on the OSHECCOM to brief the FAA’s Deputy Administrator, Brad Mims, on the OSHECCOM’s activities and plans moving forward. This meeting is required to take place after every OSHECCOM meeting (twice per year).  

Further, Larry Trottini and I were able to represent NATCA on the National OSHECCOM this past month. We were joined by Karen Yeung, our Region X Alternate OSHECCOM representative. The meeting allowed Management and Bargaining Unit representatives across all business lines to collaborate on occupational safety and health issues. Additionally, during this meeting, we voted unanimously to nominate our late brother, Dominic Petrelli, for the Posthumous DASHO Safety Award and to change the name of the award to be named after Dominic. It was very heartwarming and made me proud to see how managers and bargaining unit representatives from all LOBs were touched by Dominic and eagerly wanted to show their appreciation for his work in safety and health in honoring his memory in this way.  

When I came on to the National OSHECCOM, I was shocked to see how many of the running issues were more than five years old. Some dated back to 2009! However, we have since made very good progress in closing those old issues and made even more progress this meeting. 

Additionally, we voted on and produced a plan going forward for OSHECCOM training. In the past, the group had decided that people who did not have their training up to date should not have voting privileges, but they never could get that implemented. Since I do not think we want to be in a place where a labor rep loses their voting privileges on any of our OSHECCOMs, I proposed closing this and instead instituting a more positive policy: In addition to reviewing training status at every meeting, after each OSHECCOM meeting, the committee’s appropriate coordinator will send out an email to the individuals needing training to remind them of their responsibility and the process for getting training accomplished. This will show the commitment to training per the charter but will not unfairly exclude members whose training may lapse by no fault of their own (ex. email and access issues). We are working on language for the memo that will go out to the ROSHERs but expect to see that sometime soon.  

Interestingly, the FAA has agreed to participate in this year’s Sun N Fun event in Florida. As such, we have been working with the agency to ensure the safety and health precautions for our BUEs working the event are consistent with those within our own facilities. This work brought to light some changes that needed to be made to the Temporary Facilities ORCWG, to bring it in line with current MOUs, etc.  

Finally, Geoff Bacci, NATCA’s Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), continues to review Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for chemicals in our buildings as well as air monitoring and water tests. Our Principal Facility Representatives should be receiving those as soon as they are available and forwarding them to their respective Regional OSHA Representatives for review by Geoff. If you need more information about this, please contact your regional OSHA representative.  

Please stay safe and be healthy. And, as always, THANK YOU for all you ALL DO!  

Regional OSHA Representative Updates 


Karena Marinas (ZLA) is the NWP OSHA Representative and NATCA OSHA Committee Chairperson  

Other than ongoing monitoring of water intrusion and remediation at MYF, there are no new issues to report for NWP region.    


Mark Sellek (ZJX) is the NSO OSHA Representative and the NATCA OSHA Committee Vice Chairperson 

The Southern Region has seen a reduction in Covid (CV19) cases and has begun meeting gating criteria to return to standard projects and facility operations.   

Orlando International Tower (MCO) has started a window replacement project and anticipates completion by June.  We are watching this project closely to conduct a lessons-learned with Tampa (TPA) while their window replacement is still in the incipit stages.   

Jacksonville Center (ZJX) is almost complete with its main water line replacement.  The facility connected the new pipe to the facility and completed water testing within tolerances.  Additionally, ZJX and Miami Center (ZMA) are moving forward with parking lot pavement replacement over the summer months. 

Birmingham (BHM) and Florence (FLO) are both dealing with water intrusions and mold evaluations.  Mitigation efforts have been slow, and reports are expected soon from each facility. 

The Routine Level 3 (RL3) cleaning program has commenced at several other facilities, further reducing outages across the region.  The full implementation at these new facilities should be complete by mid-April.   


Krissy Lewandowski (P80) is the NNM OSHA Representative and Patrick Long (ZSE) is the Co-representative 

We worked on development of a hazardous winter weather checklist for PDX/P80 in response to dangerous conditions created from a winter storm event in early March. We also aided ZSE with a concern about mold and water intrusion in ceiling tiles. Guidance documents were provided, and the issue has been resolved.  

Finally, we discussed level 3 cleaning questions and concerns with several facilities. We will follow up mid-April to determine if further action is necessary.  


CJ Jacques (PHL) is the NEA OSHA Representative 

Allentown (ABE) had a planned power outage and temporary relocation of tower for the mid shift.  I created a Q&A for the eastern region page to promote OSHA and upcoming virtual classes.  Philadelphia (PHL) has ongoing construction in base building and Tracon. I  have answered questions from multiple facilities on the use of substitute cleaning products. 


Dan Sherritt (DSM) is the NCE OSHA Representative 

No updates currently.  


Xavier Rivera (ZID) is the NGL OSHA Representative. 

We are waiting on a timeline for resumption of paused construction projects and water intrusion meetings.  


Matt Murray (ZBW) is the NNE OSHA Representative 

The Routine Level 3 cleanings are going well in the region. As the NNE Rep, I have heard nothing but good news about the program and the implementation of the process.  It was also announced that we will be adding additional facilities to the program which is very good news.   

With COVID numbers coming down, facilities have begun to start scheduling contractors to complete projects that have been on hold for a year. At this time, work inside of operational facilities is still limited to NAS Priorities but hopefully soon inside work will once again resume.  


Deb Stewart (CRP) is the NSW OSHA representative 

Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) East Tower has a Statement of Work (SOW) in progress for first mold remediation project after a water leak. There is another project for mold on other levels that was not captured in this initial project with updates to follow. 

Houston (HOU) has water leaks that may be carried-over damage from Hurricane Harvey but has become more prominent over the last few months. More information is being gathered from EOSH and the SECMs to see what information and projects are still pending for the tower. 

Our Regional OSHECCOM meeting is April 7th, please send me any issues you would like addressed at the meeting. 

Finally, we are working on a way to minimize the issues with water testing in the region with EOSH. The environmental office believes that there is “wiggle room” in the order to allow them to pick what type of testing is done after a public health (water boil) notice is lifted. The stance is that the order does not specify what testing is required just the testing that can be done. We continue to have conversations to clarify what NATCA believes should happen in these situations.  

Region X  

Homer Benavides (EGL) is the Region X OSHA Representative 

No updates currently.  


Larry Trottini (FS4) is the NAL OSHA Representative 

Recommendations have been made to the NEB for NAL OSHA Committee and National OSHECCOM mentees. We have been working numerous COVID issues in every facility in AK. Meanwhile, RL3 cleanings started in Anchorage Center (ZAN)/ Anchorage (A11)/ENA and are getting ready to begin at FAI ATCT.  

I am also working numerous Tech Ops issues throughout the state, due to limited travel. We have escalated the SIT, BRW, and KTN backup power issues. Travel issues for the ENA academy have been worked out. JNU construction is going well and waivers for Academy students to enter facilities have been issued and are awaiting approval.