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NATCA has finalized an interim collective bargaining agreement with the Department of Defense, Alexandria Air Traffic Control Tower (AEX), Louisiana Air National Guard, Department of the Air Force, Air National Guard Unit 259th ATCS, Alexandria, LA.  The Interim Agreement went into effect on July 24, 2020 and will remain in effect until the parties negotiate a term collective bargaining agreement. 

The Interim Agreement provides for:

  • a robust grievance procedure culminating in arbitration for all employment disputes not specifically excluded by law from the grievance procedure; 
  • employee and Union rights during formal meetings with the employer and during investigations, including an enhanced Weingarten right; 
  • a formalized discipline process including notice and an opportunity to respond, culminating in arbitration at the Union’s election; 
  • midterm bargaining rights regarding prospective changes to employees’ working conditions;
  • reasonable official time for Union officials to conduct representational activities; and
  • dues withholding.

POCs: Erina Hammond, Assistant Director of Labor Relations, and Corey Soignet, Collaboration Facilitator and Legislative Lead, negotiated this agreement for NATCA.