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Region X Telecon Notes & Monthly Update | January & February 2021

A Message from Our Region X RVP, Brad Davidson

Hello Region X Brothers and Sisters –
Every day seems to be longer and longer and then before you know it we are already at the end of February – it just doesn’t seem to make sense. 
So Happy New Year.  I hope this finds you, your family, and your friends in good health and positive spirits.
While we have seen COVID-19 numbers begin to decrease across the nation and the vaccines become more readily available to our vulnerable and first responder populations, we still have a long way to go to outrun this pandemic.  Even though most of us continue to be in full time telework status the COVID-19 numbers for FAA employees are staggering – 19 deaths, 3151 confirmed positive cases, and an additional 1952 presumed cases.  So, continue to be vigilant in your personal lives, limit access to FAA offices to the maximum extent practicable, and do not become numb to the situation.  Protect yourself, your family, and your communities.
Opportunities for AIR and DAI membership:  A national call for volunteers to participate in the AVS Voluntary Safety Reporting Program (VSRP) and Event Review Team as NATCA representatives or analysts was sent to your personal emails on file with NATCA.  We have worked hard as a union to create these opportunities for our membership to shape our future and have influence on what we do for and alongside the agency.  It is time for many of you to step up for your unit, your peers, and your union.
Details of the solicitation are as follows:
NATCA is requesting four (4) volunteers to serve/assist on the Aviation Safety (AVS) Voluntary Safety Reporting Program’s (VSRP) Event Review Team (ERT).
ERT: One (1) volunteer will serve as NATCA’s primary ERT representative and one (1) will serve as the alternate ERT representative.
VSRP Analyst:  One (1) volunteer will serve as NATCA’s primary analyst and one (1) will serve as the alternate analyst.
The purpose of the AVS VSRP is to promptly identify, voluntarily report and correct potential or actual aviation safety issues or concerns. This program will provide a process for a documented review of safety issues or concerns raised by the NATCA Multi-Unit Bargaining Unit Employees (BUEs).
The ERT will review, analyze, and investigate de-identified reports submitted by the employees under the program, identify actual or potential safety issues or concerns from the information contained in the reports and may propose solutions for those issues or concerns. 
The VSRP Analyst will prepare AVS VSRP reports for ERT review while also providing additional information on submitted reports when requested by the ERT.
These positions shall be on duty time when participating in meetings and associated activities and are entitled to travel and per diem.
– Member from the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) unit or the Drug Abatement (DAI) unit.
– Minimum of five (5) year employment with the FAA in either AIR or DAI units.
NATCA POC: Matt Sullivan, NATCA Technical Representative Liaison
([email protected])
DEADLINE: Friday, February 26, 2021
Google Link:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeEI0TeH_2SJIo5aFXBJdmvkKhc60RUCoOyOTw7yzCqXFqwzQ/viewform?usp=sf_link
Field Work Resumption as COVID-19 levels decrease:  NATCA continues to work with the agency on mission essential/critical projects and plan for a measured return to the field for our other tasks.  We will continue to follow the gating criteria agreed upon between NATCA and the FAA and evaluate all field projects for need/timing/safety measures/and personnel.
Collective Bargaining Agreements:  Although this topic is further down on my list of reportable activities it remains the top priority of mine right behind your safety.  NATCA signed an extension to the re-opening period of the blue and purple CBAs through March 2021.  This gives us time to work with the new Biden administration and Secretary Buttigieg.  I will have more to share on this in the near future.
Virtual Local Meetings:  I was able to attend the Central and Western Pacific local Region X meetings and appreciated the ability to share national efforts and insight as well as address questions from the membership.  I look forward to doing so in other regions as meeting dates are scheduled.   Unfortunately, routine travel does not look promising until potentially late summer at the earliest and that is with optimistic COVID-19 forecasts. 
Get Involved:  NATCA is planning on hosting a virtual NATCA In Washington (NIW) event in late March to early April.  If we are able to hold this event, virtual means that the possibility for new and additional members to get involved is a reality.  Additionally, when we are able to safely hold our national events including the convention, Communicating for Safety, and our in-person NATCA In Washington – please consider attending.  I am looking for those who have not yet been involved in these events to have the opportunity to do so.  Work with your local president and begin the dialogue and planning for your attendance at future events.
NATCA Training Opportunities:  See what your NATCA brothers and sisters are doing for our union with the training courses they have put together and offer virtually during the pandemic.  From self-improvement, building a better local, representative training for some of the CBA articles, NATCA 101, retirement seminars, to secretary/treasurer training – there is literally something for each one of us to take and learn.
Representative/Management Collaboration:  The focus of this union for the past 10 years has been to work with the employer and address issues at the local level whenever possible.  This begins with routine meetings between your local representative and their management counterpart.  These meetings are about relationship building.  They need to occur if there are specific issues to address or none at all.  They will result in improved communication between NATCA and the FAA and will help identify future local, regional, national, and LOB specific initiatives we can then strategize for and influence in a positive manner.  In many cases this will not be a simple task, but it is vitally important and a critical function and expectation for being a representative for this union.  Our effectiveness is directly related to our education as a collective body and the sharing of information.  This begins every day with some of our most difficult union positions – as the local representative.  Please support your local reps in this effort.
Brad Davidson
Region X RVP


NATCA Region X Contact Information
Region X National Leadership

Brad Davidson     Regional VP                   [email protected]
Bob Aitken           ARVP                                   [email protected]
Curt Howe           ARVP                                    [email protected]
Gwendolyn Kimbrough   AFN                          [email protected]
Felicia Reeves    Airports                                 [email protected]
Patrick Massie    Aircraft Certification   [email protected]
Pam Rusk           Information Technology           [email protected]
Stacie Wooten    Drug Abatement    [email protected]


Region X National Committee Representatives

Don Schmeichel  –  Safety            [email protected]
Della Swartz  –  Safety                   [email protected]
Mike Martin  –  Constitution                  [email protected]
Don Smith  – Organizing                    [email protected]
Jefferson MacDonald – Organizing
                                                 [email protected]
Homer Benavides  – OSHA    [email protected]
Quang Nguyen  –  Benefits         [email protected]
Jason Holland – Legislative          [email protected]
Dawn Forde – Legislative                  [email protected]
Ricky Hidalgo – Drug & Alcohol  [email protected]
Corey Glaze – Pay Team             [email protected] 
Ed Szczuka  –  CF & On-boarding       [email protected]
Pam Rusk – Regional Communications    [email protected]
Ed Szczuka  – Finance                     [email protected]
Thom Twitchell – OWCP                    [email protected]
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